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Debates about Trade and Development
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Debates about trade and development cover a range of questions. Here are links and references to discussions of some of those questions:

Does globalization reduce poverty? Dollar and Kraay (2001) have used aggregated country data to argue that globalization reduces poverty. Watkins (2002) suggests they are wrong. Dollar and Kraay's response is appended to Watkins' paper.

Dollar, D. and A. Kraay (2001). "Trade, growth and poverty."Finance & Development, September. .     

Watkins, K (2002) "Making globalization work for the poor." Finance & Development, 39, 1, March. 

Will the rich North globalize? While promoting increased trade openness for the rest of the world, the industrialized world, notably USA Europe, and Japan, has maintained protection for some of producers, notably farmers.

Former Chief Economist of the World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz in his book on globalization (Stiglitz 2002: xv) comments:

"Today, few -- apart from those with vested interests who benefit from keeping out the goods produced by the poor countries -- defend the hypocrisy of pretending to help developing countries by forcing them to open up their markets to the goods of the advanced industrial countries while keeping their own markets protected, policies that make the rich richer and the poor more impoverished -- and increasingly angry."

Does trade globalization increase economic growth?

Dollar, D. and A. Kraay (2001). "Trade, growth and poverty." Finance & Development, September.

Christian E. Weller, Robert E. Scott and Adam S. Hersh (2001) "The unremarkable record of liberalized trade", Economic Policy Institute.

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