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On this page, we list untested ideas for teaching and learning. We encourage Atlas users to submit new ideas

Class presentations: Ask each student to sign up to make a brief presentation on one theme or presentation at the beginning of each class.   Summarize the main trends, discuss its significance, and explore alternative interpretations of those trends. Encourage students to cite specific examples of countries with high, low or unusual values.

Updating/disaggregating: Instead of asking students to read or report on a map, assign them the task of tracking down the primary data from which it was constructed. They can find updates or variations on the map, or provide a more detailed or disaggregated set of data for one region or for one country.

Inequality mural: Ask students to bring in images clipped from magazines or websites representing different groups, poor as well as rich, in a particular region or country. These can be used to assemble a wall chart or mural creating a visual image of the global distribution of income or life expectancy.

These ideas are based on suggestions in The Ultimate Field Guide to the US Economy