Debate about global income inequality trends – Firebaugh response to Wade critique

Posted by ben on Jul 09 2008 | Globalization, Income Inequality

Sociology Prof Glenn Firebaugh contributes to the debate about global income inequality arguing that the terrain of income inequality is changing. Longstanding trends of increasing income inequality between nations and falling income inequality within nations have been reversed. Now income inequalities within nations are rising while those between nations are falling.

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Mapping Global Inequalities (MGI) Conference: Papers and Presentations

Posted by brian on Jan 22 2008 | article, Uncategorized

The Mapping Global Inequalities: Beyond Income Inequality conference held this last December on the UC Santa Cruz campus provided a new forum for a wide range of academics, policy experts and professionals to further the debate over global inequality . A link to the MGI Book of Abstracts (in PDF format) can be found here.

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“The World Development Report 2006” World Bank 2005

This report advocates taking equity into account when determining development priorities and supports public action that aims to expand the opportunities of those who are less capable and where policy interventions are absent.

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“Globalization, Poverty and Inequality: What is the Relationship? What can be done?” Kaushik Basu 2006

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The paper studies the relationship between globalization and inequality, and suggests that the income of the poorest 20% (bottom quintile) should be the focus for policy-makers. He calls for a new international organization to reduce global inequality.

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